How do I get my license reinstated after a DUI conviction?


In order to gain back your ability to drive there will be certain stipulations. This will often be a time limit and once the time has passed you can begin seeking the reinstatement of your driver’s license. You will need to apply with the MVA and you will also be required to take the vision test, knowledge test and road test again.

Another requirement that you will need to meet is showing that you have successfully completed Maryland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program. A fee will also need to be paid for the reinstatement. An SR-22 will also need to be filed to show financial responsibility for three years from the time that our license was suspended or revoked. You may gain back your ability to drive but if you have been convicted then you may be ordered to have an ignition interlock device installed. This will assess if there is alcohol on your breath before you are able to start the car.

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