The use of threats, force or violence even when well intentioned in a community which values peace very often has severe repercussions. The police take crimes of violence very seriously.


If you have been accused of a violent crime immediately consult a Baltimore criminal defense attorney with a long record of successfully representing members of the community.


Violent crimes include:

  • Arson – intentionally setting fire to a building, residence or property can mean serious criminal charges. Causing a fire through carelessness may result in a lesser charge.

  • Kidnapping – may result in federal or state prosecution

  • Battery – the charges for touching another without consent or striking another escalate in ratio to the amount of injury caused.

  • Assault – threatening to touch another against his will. When a weapon is used and / or serious injury results this offense is punishable by a long prison sentence

  • Felony murder – when a death occurs during or in connection with the commission of a felony the charge is felony murder.

  • Manslaughter – being charged with manslaughter has serious life changing consequences.

  • Murder – The deliberate taking of a life is considered the most serious of criminal offenses

  • Weapon charges – The use of a weapon in the commission of a crime typically increases the seriousness and the number of the charges you face.

  • Gun offense – there are many restrictions concerning possession, transporting and use of firearms. Not following these laws can result in penalties ranging from fines to a long term in prison.

  • Domestic Violence – May keep you from your home, seeing your children, and can land you in jail or prison.


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